A. S. Polytechnic Pipri Wardha

“A Century of Nationalistic, Values Based, Quality Education”



Welcome to A.S.Polytechnic Pipri, Wardha


To impart high quality technical education in an age of rapidly changing world situation and produce autonomies life long learners with a deep sense of our country's culture heritage and value system.


Acharya Shrimannarayan polytechnic is known for an established tradition of excellence in technical education and for us its innovative approach to teaching ,learning and research. At our institute , our main objective is to provide our students not only education for living & livelihood , but also education for lie by focusing on the inculcation of human & moral values through curriculum . our mission is to empower learners & providing them with world class education coupled with a fundamental foundation in leadership & professional skills to face the new liberalized global economy. We set high standards for out students inspire them to become visionaries in their own right and achieve their own right and achieve their goals . we transform attitudes, values & priorities by changing mindset, rejuvenate our learners, in fuse a positives energy so that they take up challenges of life with a fresh perspective & creative approach.

Education deals with dissemination of knowledge which grooms an individual to effectively face the challenges of life. Quality alone will bring out quality managers , who readily shoulder the positions of responsibility in Indian industries with distinction.